Annual Report 2017

Said about Svenska Spel

“I hope the companies honour their duty to show consideration”

Henrik Armus is Chairman of the Swedish National Association for Gambling Addicts. As chairman with a personal history of gambling addiction, he can personally relate to many of the difficulties that the members face.

What are your views on tomorrow’s gaming market?

I hope that most of the gaming companies elect to apply for a license and shine a spotlight on customer protection. If all companies honour their duty to show customer consideration, it will give us a head start when it comes to protecting players from developing addictive behaviour. It is a question of observing changes in gambling patterns and actively taking action, for example, through temporary suspension. My greatest concern is that some companies will not apply for a license but continue their aggressive marketing of bonuses and the like. What can be done about them?

What are your views on gambling addiction trends?

Unfortunately, we see that this trend is steadily increasing. Of our new members, between 80 and 90% have a problem with online casino gambling. Today people can sign for quick loans, which means they risk developing an addiction and putting themselves in an economic crisis. I can’t see that this trend will subside before a licensed market is in place.

What role do you feel that Svenska Spel has in the gaming market?

I hope that Svenska Spel will continue to be top-of-the-class and show the way in tomorrow’s gaming market. For example, the Company is the only one I’ve seen advertise their responsible gaming tool, and  the option of taking a break.

I hope that Svenska Spel will continue to be top-of-the-class and show the way in tomorrow’s gaming market.

What can Svenska Spel do to improve responsible gaming?

We need to look at the accessibility to games where the risk of developing a gambling addiction is greatest. For instance, I think we need to reconsider whether Vegas VLTs should be placed in environments where alcohol is served. When it comes to live betting and poker, we should also discuss whether it should be possible to get up in the middle of the night and gamble away money.

“Everyone plays an equally important role”

Sustainability expert Parul Sharma shares her view of how Sweden and Svenska Spel can contribute to realising the goals.

“Running makes me more effective”

A high pace and exciting challenges in the gaming industry prompted Hanna Radtke Bergström to apply for a job at Svenska Spel.

“Many good forces have joined together”

Football holds a special place in the heart of Anders Wikström, Svensk Elitfotboll’s antimatch fixing coordinator since 2016.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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