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With our broad range of unique games, we promise a moment of entertainment, dreams, thrills and the chance to win. Together with others, if you want. Maria from Nacka and Joakim from Gothenburg together with his 22 colleagues, are some of this years’ winners.

Shared Lotto cheer for dockworkers in Gothenburg

Shared joy is a double joy according to a Swedish proverb. The 23 dockworkers from Gothenburg had a chance to experience this first-hand after handing in a collective Lotto ticket in November, as they normally did. They had seven correct on Lotto 1 and split SEK 3,373,561 among themselves.

“We’re 23 colleagues who play together. I started this a few years ago and there’s been some moaning because we never win. But, you can’t win unless you play,” explains Joakim Fernblad who is terminal manager at the Port of Gothenburg.

He had corrected the rows on Sunday morning, and seen in the newspapers that a major Lotto win had been recorded in Gothenburg. He decided to surprise his co-players by text messaging a picture of the newspaper article.

“I got a text message while my family was celebrating me for Father’s Day, and there were several missed calls from Joakim. But I returned his call in a microsecond when I got the text message,” laughs Glenn Fernblad, one of the winners and Joakim’s brother. He adds: “I didn’t get it at first, and had to check and re-check several times.”

For Joakim who initiated the collective Lotto playing, it means a lot that so many were able to share the win. “It really is great that so many people get a share of this happiness! I’ve heard fantastic stories from everyone about how the money will really make a difference,” says Joakim Fernblad.

Each of the 23 dockworkers received SEK 146,676 and they will continue to play Lotto together. “We’ve got our eye on the big one, Drömvinsten,” says Glenn Fernblad.

Triss joy for Maria from Nacka

Maria was ecstatic when it turned out she had scratched the highest Triss win on live television on TV4’s morning news program, Nyhetsmorgon. New happy Triss winners are crowned at record-breaking speed, with no fewer than 290,000 Trisslotts sold every day in Sweden!

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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