Annual Report 2017

Highlights 2017

Broadened range of games in 2017

Svenska Spel has a broad game offering that gives millions of customers excitement and entertainment every year. Among others, we have a game that we hope will generate the most million wins in Sweden, Lotto’s Miljonregnet, and the game that has the highest individual wins in Eurojackpot. By focusing on innovation and interfacing with customers, new and exciting experiences are constantly being created. Below is a selection of this year’s deliveries.

Lots of new products

Miljonregnet for Lotto, Triss Premium, Oddset Challenge, SkrapKeno and new Vikinglotto, 2017 was the year we brought a great deal of new, exciting games to our customers. Many of our product developers work continuously to design new games. The fact that several new releases happened in 2017 is because, among other things, resources were freed up following the major digital infrastructure investments made between 2013 and 2015.

“We’ve had the chance to prioritise product development over the past two years. The feeling is fantastic,” says VP Product & Services Fredrik Wastenson.

Digital BankID a hit

Welcome news for customers last year was the option to use digital BankID to register and log in to their gaming page. Customers can now also use Swish to make deposits into their gaming accounts.

Even easier to play together

A new, easier service for Bolagsspel (team gaming) was launched that now makes it possible for customers to play games like Stryktipset, Eurojackpot, Lotto and Keno together on mobile phones. The transactions to and from the Company are carried out simply and smoothly and the service has been very popular among the customers.

Miljonregnet means more millionaires

As of 2017, even more Swedes will become millionaires with Lotto’s Miljonregnet. Miljonregnet is triggered every time Drömvinsten is paid. Those who have 6+1 correct on Lotto, for the same draw as Drömvinsten, and who have played Joker, win SEK 1 million each. Miljonregnet can create some 75 new millionaires every year.

New poker platform

During the year a new poker game platform was launched that enables tournaments and cash gaming tables on mobile units. Poker transfers to gaming accounts are now easier, payments of winnings are made directly on elimination instead of when the tournament is over and new forms of tournaments are offered.

Lördagsgodis on mobile phones

Stryktipset, Måltipset, Keno and Lotto including Joker are the contents in Svenska Spel’s Saturday mix, Lördagsgodis. A new feature in 2017 is that Lördagsgodis can be played online on mobile phones. The numbers for Keno and Lotto including Joker, are randomly selected while the rows for Stryktipset and Måltipset are based on tips from a number of experts.

Triss Premium – unique daily winnings

Triss is the people’s favourite. Did you know that more than three Triss lottery tickets are sold every second in Sweden? Svenska Spel regularly designs new varieties of Triss. The autumn’s Triss Premium was sold for a limited period only. The winnings totalled SEK 10,000 per day for a whole year, and the new product generated a great deal of customer interest.

24/7 Oddset

As of March 2017, Oddset is open 24/7 for sports betting. Our customers can now bet on the major US leagues live, receive updates and place bets until the start of the match.

First craps table in the Nordic countries

The range at Svenska Spel’s casino in Stockholm was expanded with the first craps table in the Nordic countries. Craps is a social and popular table game played with two dice. Several guests can participate simultaneously, and the dice are thrown by the players themselves.

Vikinglotto offers the chance of SEK 350 million

The new Vikinglotto was launched with a modified winnings schedule, new look and a jackpot of up to SEK 350 million. The game is now offered at retailers and online.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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