Annual Report 2017

Said about Svenska Spel

“Running makes me more effective”

A high pace and exciting challenges in the gaming industry prompted Hanna Radtke Bergström to apply for a job at Svenska Spel. Based in Solna, she has been press officer since May 2017. Exercise and health are important to Hanna and she feels that Svenska Spel makes it easy for employees to find an everyday balance. 

What is your perception of Svenska Spel as an employer?

I feel there is a serious commitment to making sure people are satisfied at work. Svenska Spel has an incredible internal communication that is quick to inform of changes, and they gauge the pulse of the employees through the &frankly app. But it is a big company and I sometime feel that the path between concept and decision is too long.

We have an incredible internal communication that is quick to inform.

How does Svenska Spel make it easy for employees to find an everyday balance?

Among other things, by offering many opportunities to exercise in connection with work. Exercise is one of the first things that people down-prioritise when they are stressed. It’s “Hälsans år” (The year of health) at Svenska Spel and we have free workout classes, run coaching and a generous wellness subsidy so that we can exercise during lunch. I take every opportunity!

What could Svenska Spel do better?

Work more from mobile offices. Make it possible to take our computers outside the company walls and work from different places. This gives new perspectives, new inspiration and new meetings as well as making it more possible to juggle career, family and free time. Everything that is a part of life. Personally, I get my best ideas when I go for a run.

“Everyone plays an equally important role”

Sustainability expert Parul Sharma shares her view of how Sweden and Svenska Spel can contribute to realising the goals.

“I hope the companies honour their duty to show consideration”

Henrik Armus is Chairman of the Swedish National Association for Gambling Addicts. As chairman with a personal history of gambling addiction, he can personally relate to many of the difficulties that the members face.

“Many good forces have joined together”

Football holds a special place in the heart of Anders Wikström, Svensk Elitfotboll’s antimatch fixing coordinator since 2016.

Svenska Spel Annual Report 2017
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