Gaming shall be enjoyed by all!

Our Mandate

Svenska Spel is to promote a healthy and safe gaming market – that is our mandate. We are to safeguard social protection considerations and satisfy demand for attractive gaming. Consideration for customers and minimising the negative effects of gaming weighs more heavily than profits for us.

Svenska Spel shall not contribute to increasing total gaming in society, but offer a more secure environment for the gaming that already takes place. This means that we offer games that can entail social risks if we deem that our gaming environment can counter or prevent illegal gambling. This is a huge responsibility.

Customer promise

We are convinced that the best gaming experience is entertaining, safe and secure. We are available on all modern platforms and our customer service is open and staffed 24 hours a day. It is the gaming experience we want to give to you. We call this accessibility.

With our broad range of unique games, we promise a moment of entertainment, dreams, thrills and the chance to win. Together with others, if you want. We call this gaming enjoyment.

We support our customers and give them the tools to monitor their gaming behaviour. We prioritise customer questions and gaming security. We call this responsible gaming.


Svenska Spel is to offer a competitive range of exciting and entertaining gaming experiences in a responsible and secure manner.

A gaming company with a unique history

The foundation for today's Svenska Spel was laid in 1896, when a lottery was started to help finance Stockholm International Fairs and the Lotteriexpeditionen was formed. There was a change in ownership in 1939 and sales of Penninglotten commenced under the auspices of the Swedish State. The surplus was appropriated to various cultural projects.

AB Tipstjänst was formed in 1934 in an attempt to curb illegal betting in conjunction with competitions and sports. Gaming was to take place under safer conditions and Tipstjänst was given the exclusive right to arrange betting in Sweden. Svenska Spel was founded in 1997 with the merger of AB Tipstjänst and Penninglotteriet. The subsidiary Casino Cosmopol started operations in 2001. Today, the Group has 1,661 employees, of whom 674 are employed in the Parent Company. The head office is in Visby, but the Company also has offices in Solna near Friends Arena.