“Svenska Spel could do even more to help us spread awareness.”

Sara Lindholm, Chairman of the Research Council

Can you describe the situation today for gambling addiction research?
“Gambling addiction is a young research field. We do not have the complete picture and have much to do. However, interest has increased in recent years as have the number of researchers in the field. One important conclusion that has emerged in several studies is how common comorbidity is – those who become addicted often suffer from other conditions such as depression or anxiety.”

What role do you feel Svenska Spel has in addictionresearch?
“I really do perceive Svenska Spel to be a serious partner that has a long-term commitment to accumulating and spreading awareness. At the same time, it must be said that the Research Council is completely autonomous since this is academic research.”

What more could Svenska Spel do?
“I would like to see awareness about this field spreading and Svenska Spel could do more to help us with that.”