“I grew up with Tipsextra on Saturdays...”

Anders Almgren, Customer

How would you describe your relationship with Svenska Spel?
“I was born in 1968 and I grew up with Tipsextra on Saturdays. Back then, we bet a 32-row system with five hedges, and it was virtually impossible to get 13 right, but it was like an extra thrill. These days, it's a fun hobby I indulge in with a group of friends. Sometimes we do really well – last year we got 13 right and the payout was really good!”

How do you feel about the different options that exist today?
“I use Svenska Spel's app a lot - it works really well for me, particularly since there is so much information available there.”

What are your thoughts on the ongoing investigation and upcoming changes in the gaming market?
“I'm not really up to date on what re-regulation would entail, but I hope that Stryktipset continues to have a good turnover and high wins. I really like Svenska Spel and it's the only place I play.”