Strategy – Gaming enjoyment and responsibility

The best and safest gaming experience for our customers

We are convinced that the best gaming experience is entertaining and exciting, yet safe and secure. An exciting and entertaining gaming experience is necessary if customers are to choose Svenska Spel instead of other alternatives. We have a large number of products in sports games, games of chance and casino games that offer both excitement and enjoyment.

Focus on the gaming experience

We focus on the customer experience throughout the entire gaming process: before – during – after. For many, being able to see how many right they have on Stryktipset while the matches are being played is an exciting experience. It is possible to correct and comment on each other’s coupons, interact during the game and even after the game while correcting. Svenska Spel’s customers can also receive information via e-mail or text messages that it is time to renew a lottery row or that a live update from a match is available. Customers conveniently decide what information they want and how they want it. Regardless of whether customers play at retailers, business partners, a casino, via mobile phone or computers, we want their meeting with Svenska Spel to be positive and conducive to a sound, long-term overall experience. Our customer satisfaction index (CSI) for the year reached 68 (67), which confirms that we are doing the right things for our customers.

Responsible gaming tools are effective

To secure healthy revenue, it is important that the responsible gaming tools that Svenska Spel offers the customers are effective and really do lead to less risky gaming practices. During the year, we commissioned an independent evaluation of our responsible gaming efforts and the results were presented in a report in the autumn of 2016*. The conclusions are that the responsible gaming tool works and has effect and that the customers who use the tool have less risky behavior. Initiatives that are deemed to have a good effect in limiting risky gaming practices include restrictive marketing, gaming breaks and that we refrain from offering customers bonuses and discounts. Our hope is that the conclusions will be used when preparing the licensing system that is expected to be introduced in Sweden in 2018.

*The evaluation and report were prepared by Ramböll Management Consulting.

New measurement figures for responsible gaming

Responsible gaming is constantly being developed, as are the options for measuring the effects of measures and tools. Awareness index monitors if the customers are aware of how they are playing and if they receive the help they need through the information and tools we offer. Awareness index reached 83 in the fourth quarter 2016, but because this is the first year of measurement, there are no comparative figures for previous years. The measurement shows that a large proportion of the surveyed customers view the responsible gaming tools as a support and that they feel they have good control over their gaming habits.

What is happening in 2017?

  • Further development of the gaming experience in mobile phones.
  • Installation of new retailer terminals at retailers.
  • Expanded live sports selection.
  • Development of customer offering at retailers.
  • Improved subscription service.
  • Development of customised communication.
  • Gaming tracking campaign to motivate the use of our responsible gaming tools.
  • Development of digital self-assessment for casino guests.
  • Launch of responsible gaming information at in 13 languages.
  • Introduce mobile BankID as a means of logging in to a gaming account.
  • Continue responsible gaming courses for employees and suppliers who work with our online products as well as all managers.

Targets 2017–2019

Increased customer satisfaction.   Comment: The customer satisfaction index reached 68 when the survey was conducted in the fourth quarter of 2016, which is on par with last year (67).
Increased number of active mobile phone customers.   Comment: The number of customers who play on their mobile phones increased 28% in 2016 and growth in net gaming revenue amounted to 57%.
More of our customers are aware of their gaming and make choices thereafter.  Comment: The Awareness index is a new KPI for responsible gaming since the first quarter of 2016. The index reached 83 when measured in the fourth quarter of 2016.
Fewer of our customers have gaming problems or develop gaming problems. Comment: We continuously measure changes in customers’ gaming behaviour to improve our understanding and knowledge in order to develop our responsible gaming efforts.
Maintain satisfaction among retailers and business partners.   Comment: The satisfied partner index was 90, which is an increase of 5 points compared with last year.
No reported complaints from customers or other stakeholders regarding unauthorised handling of customer data. Comment: No complaints have been reported.

 The symbol means that the target is related to one of Svenska Spel’s sustainability areas.

Read more about how Svenska Spel works towards offering the best and safest gaming experience for our customers. Download the Annual Report here:
Svenska Spel Annual Report 2016

The overriding strategy “Gaming enjoyment and responsibility” is broken down into three perspectives for value creation: customer, employee and owner.

Svenska Spel's forms of games

Svenska Spel has a broad game offering that gives millions of customers excitement and entertainment every year. Svenska Spel's “millionaire factory” delivers more than 300 million winners every year and we want our big winners to feel good. This means, for example, that we offer legal and financial counsel for those who win large million winnings.

Games of chance, 53% of net gaming revenues

Sports games, 19% of net gaming revenues

Casino games, 28% of net gaming revenues