Strategy – Gaming enjoyment and responsibility

Our customer-oriented employees

Svenska Spel's employees want to develop, test new solutions and have a mandate to take an innovative approach and make decisions. This is the path to commitment and motivation. We want to be perceived as a modern, attractive employer that has proud, committed employees who work for Sweden's most responsible gaming company.

Code of conduct guides employees

Svenska Spel highlights and prevents unethical behaviour, both internally and externally. The Code of Conduct describes the Company's approach to responsible and professional conduct. The Code describes how we employees are to behave towards each other, customers, suppliers, retailers, business partners and others. We have prepared an obligatory course about the Code of Conduct and the Company's employees will receive training in 2017.

The right skills at all levels

For Svenska Spel to continue to develop, employees must be aware of what is expected of them and have the right preconditions to perform. Attracting, retaining and developing employees with the right skills is crucial for the Company's competitiveness. To remain in the vanguard, it is vital that we recruit and retain expertise in the digital gaming area.

Commitment is a key indicator

Commitment is determined by how employees perceive they can influence their work, the level of independence and whether they feel that they develop at work. In turn, employee commitment is fundamental in Svenska Spel being an attractive and competitive employer.

What is happening in 2017?

  • Focus on continuing to build internal pride and commitment.
  • Increased investments in employee health and greater focus on stress-related illness.
  • Strengthen values and increase customer focus even more.
  • Clarify Svenska Spel's offer as an attractive employer.

Active value agenda

Company values are a critical foundation for operations and all employees. These help to profile the Company in relation to other gaming companies. Ongoing efforts with values shall ensure that the values permeate the operations – from how decisions are made to how the Company's employees interact with each other, customers and other stakeholders.

Employees at Svenska Spel are:
… Accessible…
We listen to our customers and each other. We contribute to customers' gaming experience by combining presence, speed and personal service through expertise and good internal collaboration.
… Considerate…
We care about our customers and work conscientiously to offer a simple, secure and enjoyable gaming experience. We take pride in our mandate and put responsibility before profits. We are good colleagues, team players and we treat each other well.
... Committed...
We are proactive and let innovative thinking, creativity and effective implementation permeate all our work. We give that little bit extra to ourselves and our customers.

T.O.E. = “We are on our toes”

Targets 2017–2019

Employees feel strong commitment.   Comment: Measured at regular interval through pulse questions every other month. In the first survey in November, the level of commitment was 73 on a scale of 100 in the Parent Company. Measurement of employee commitment at Casino Cosmopol will commence in 2017.
Employees recommend Svenska Spel as an employer.   Comment: Employer Net Promoter Score, eNPS, to measure ambassadorship. The result for 2016 in the Parent Company was 5. The target is a value that exceeds 10. Measurement at Casino Cosmopol will commence in 2017.
All employees are educated in the Code of Conduct. Comment: An interactive course was prepared during the year and 76% of the Parent Company employees have completed the course. In 2017, Casino Cosmopol employees will be educated in the Code of Conduct.
Proportion of employees with a foreign background within the Group shall be at least 25%. Comment: Proportion of employees with a foreign background within the Group was 27.5% on 31 December 2016, which is an increase from 25.7% in 2015.
Even gender distribution among managers within a range of 45–55%. Comment: Proportion of female managers within the Group was 40% on 31 December 2016, which is on par with last year.

 The symbol means that the target is related to one of Svenska Spel's sustainability areas.

Read more about how Svenska Spel works towards focusing on being customer-oriented. Download the Annual Report here: 
Svenska Spel Annual Report 2016

The overriding strategy “Gaming enjoyment and responsibility” is broken down into three perspectives for value creation: customer, employee and owner.