Strategy – Gaming enjoyment and responsibility

Value for owner and society

Svenska Spel will invest for the future to strengthen competitiveness and to be a long-term sustainable and efficient company that generates ownership value. We will create value for our owner, the Swedish State, by ensuring the best possible development of the Company and that our social mandate is performed well. Operations will be conducted in a manner that is conducive to long-term sustainable development in social, economic and environmental terms.

Unique values

Svenska Spel is a strong, well-known brand. The brand is built on an extensive product portfolio, unique responsibility initiatives and broad digital and physical distribution with more than 4.3 million customer relationships. The public's trust in Svenska Spel, our brands and our responsibility is decisive since the competitors offer similar products and services. The long-standing partnership with sports is also an important contributing factor to the brand's popularity.

Profitable growth with healthy revenues

We focus on profitable growth with a constant focus on customer protection. Svenska Spel has a leading position in developing responsible gaming and we are convinced that it is possible to conduct gaming operations in a healthy and safe manner. Despite challenging competition, the Company aims to grow with healthy revenues and retain or strengthen its current position.

Investing for the future

Customer behaviour changes in pace with digitisation, which makes heavy demands on innovation and development of new, improved forms of games, services and responsibility tools. As a customer experience company, Svenska Spel wants to lead the way for innovation, digitisation and sustainable business. Becoming faster at designing and delivering new products and services to the market is critical in competition.

Community involvement strengthens the brand

Our contribution to society is primarily our responsible gaming effort, initiatives in gender equality and diversity and a great commitment to Swedish sports. Our commitment to sports helps to strengthen the brand but also has a positive impact on society in the form of public health, integration and diversity.

New sponsorship guidelines – strengthen human rights initiatives

Svenska Spel is emphatically against any violation of human rights and is devoted to developing the Company's approach and collaboration in sports linked to human rights issues. Svenska Spel is Sweden's largest sports sponsor and has a lot of influence via SEK 300 million in sponsorship. The Company's sponsorship guidelines, completed in 2016, include all sponsorship agreements together with the code of conduct for suppliers.

What is happening in 2017?

  • Presentation of the gaming market investigation.
  • Preparations for possible re-regulation of the gaming market.
  • Implementation of new money laundering legislation.
  • Preparations for new data protection directive.
  • Develop the Company's innovation efforts.
  • Continued cost-efficiency measures.

Targets 2017–2019

Profitable growth with healthy revenues.   Comment: Good online growth by 14%, particularly in mobile devices that are increasing by 57%. In total, Svenska Spel has a lower growth in all channels than the gaming market as a whole.
Retain a strong Parent brand.   Comment: Image rating was 55% on 31 December 2016, indicating a slight increase over the year. The closest competitor has an image rating of 33%.
Cost-efficient operations, the operating margin is to be at least 22%. Comment: The operating margin was 22.2% compared with 22.6% in the preceding year.
Svenska Spel has zero tolerance for the use of the Group's products and services for criminal purposes, such as money laundering and match fixing.   Comment: In 2016, Casino Cosmopol reported 327 incidents (313) of unusual monetary transactions to the Financial Unit of the National Criminal Intelligence Police Service. One case of match fixing was reported to the police in 2016.

 The symbol means that the target is related to one of Svenska Spel’s sustainability areas.

The overriding strategy “Gaming enjoyment and responsibility” is broken down into three perspectives for value creation: customer, employee and owner.

Read more about how Svenska Spel works to create value for the owner and society. Download the Annual Report here:
Svenska Spel Annual Report 2016