Interview with the Chairman

“One important task for the Board and executive management is to uphold and increase the Company’s value”

We will strive to uphold and increase the ownership value
Erik Strand has been Svenska Spel's Chairman of the Board since the spring of 2016, a role of which he is both proud and pleased. He has devoted a great deal of time to familiarising himself with the Company and has met many employees. Svenska Spel is facing a challenging period of re-regulation of the Swedish gaming market. We asked Erik Strand a few questions about his perspective on the Company and the future.

Svenska Spel's strategy is experience and responsibility. What are your views on responsible gaming in a re-regulated market?

“I am convinced that responsible gaming will be a huge competitive advantage for Svenska Spel. Already we are doing a great deal in this area and will do even more in the future. We must all shoulder responsibility for reducing the negative effects of gambling. This is extremely important. Among other things, we must have responsible marketing. Much of the advertising we see today is absolutely horrible. I am certain that the customers are aware of this and prefer to play with a company that takes responsibility. Today, Online Casino is the most risky game from a gambling problem perspective. We have applied for a permit and we are prepared to supply a responsible online casino that offers customers tools to monitor their gaming, but we have yet to receive a response to our application.”

What challenges do you foresee?

“That’s a difficult question since we still do not know what recommendations the investigator will make and what decisions the owner will make. However, the most important thing is that all the gaming market companies operate under the same conditions. We have been clear in our position and particularly drive issues concerning strong customer protection.

We can improve the way we handle competition, both online and at our retailers. Competing for customers is hard today, but we also see greater competition for talented people, which is not something that will slow with the introduction of a licensed market. It is important that we can retain to our talented employees.

One important task for the Board and executive management is to uphold and increase the Company’s value in a new gaming market. Many companies are showing interest in parts of Svenska Spel, but we see substantial benefits in keeping the Company intact and thereby retaining the highest possible ownership value.”

What are you most pleased with at svenska spel?

“As new chairman, I have had occasion to meet many people in the Company and in every instance I saw world-class professionalism. We have so many talented and competent employees at Svenska Spel. I also feel pleased when I think of all the good we do for Swedish sports as Sweden's largest sponsor, and our initiatives in amateur sports such as Gräsroten and Prispallen.

Our offices in both Gotland and Solna are a strong influence, as are Casino Cosmopol's four casino locations. We are determined to continue in this manner. It is no longer a political position, but a part of our culture, which we cherish. I feel that we have a strong, inclusive corporate culture and that our employees are proud to be a part of Svenska Spel.”

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