“We have to succeed in attracting the best employees.”

Maria Z Furenmo, HR Director at Svenska Spel

Why is it important to work with employer branding?
“We are already in the forefront in terms of responsible gaming and technology. But we want to continue to develop and that means we have to attract the best employees – it is absolutely paramount to the future of the Company!”

Can you explain in concrete terms how this will be done?
“Employer branding is partially about the right communication – it is most important that we can stand behind what we say. The single greatest factor is that our employees have good things to say about the Company and recommend the Company to their friends. We will start a health initiative that we hope will help to boost energy levels and inspiration and, looking forward, we will make more frequent surveys than just a work environment survey twice a year.

But it is also about a conscientious innovation agenda that will both increase our competitiveness and our employee commitment. With our strong brand and our famous social commitment, we have all it takes to accomplish this!”