Brand management programmes are based on gaming enjoyment

Svenska Spel’s brand is strong and well-known and gains its strength from gaming enjoyment, the Company’s strong product portfolio, players’ security and safety and the many years of partnership with Swedish sports.

Public confidence in Svenska Spel, its brand and sense of responsibility are crucial in a situation in which competitors can offer similar games, occasionally under more favourable conditions than those to which Svenska Spel must conform. The ability to offer enjoyable and secure games is a goal towards which the company strives. Svenska Spel’s vision is that gaming should be enjoyable for all.

Acclaimed marketing and PR

Svenska Spel complies with the guidelines of the European Lotteries, and the Ethical Council of the Gaming Industry (SPER), which have been drawn up in cooperation with industry organisations in Sweden and Europe.

Public opinion polls give Svenska Spel’s Triss, Stryktipset and Lotto the highest positive values. These games are associated with less risk of gaming problems.

During 2011, TV commercials for Triss were awarded two Silver Lions at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival amid stiff international competition. The Cannes festival is the most prestigious advertising competition worldwide. In Sweden, commercial films for Lotto, featuring the rock group Kiss, were nominated for the advertising industry’s primary award, the Golden Egg (Guldägget).

Moreover, Svenska Spel’s PR programmes were awarded when journalists ranked Svenska Spel in third place in the PR barometer, an annual survey that gauges journalists’ collective level of satisfaction with press and PR work.

According to SIFO’s advertising surveys, Svenska Spel’s share of the total advertising spend (or share of voice) in the gaming industry was 22% in 2011, while foreign Internet-based companies account for most of the advertising spend in the Swedish gaming market, namely 49%. Svenska Spel protects its market-leading position through effective but responsible marketing.

All advertising from Svenska Spel is labelled with the message: Play in moderation.

Lucky winners

Svenska Spel seeks to make gaming enjoyable for everybody. Frequently, gaming is a pleasure shared with others. For a majority of customers, the chance of big winnings is the major driving force behind their gaming. Each week sees positive media coverage about Svenska Spel – frequently involving those who have fulfilled their dreams, namely, the big winners. Winnings and the winner is a significant feature of the Company’s brand and image. Svenska Spel calls those who have won SEK 100,000 or more to inform them of their winnings and congratulate them – calls that provide a great deal of joy and mean so much for most winners.

During 2011, Svenska Spel (excluding Casino Cosmopol) paid out total winnings of SEK 12,596,681,134 (12,126,820,465). Of this amount, 350 winnings (347) amounted to SEK 1 million or more.

Oddset Bomben provided the largest winnings at odds of 2,660,634, with a corresponding amount of money, to a number of customers in Borås who submitted the only betting ticket with all correct scores.

Saturday 12 November 2011 will go down in Swedish gaming history as the day when Sweden’s largest football pools winnings were scooped. A customer in Malmö staked on a Stryktipset football pools coupon for SEK 64, and was the single winner with all 13 matches right, which provided winnings of SEK 20 million.

The most media-noted winner in 2011 was a man with twofold luck. He scratched forth three TV-screens icons on two Triss tickets within a period of three days. In a direct broadcast on TV4’s "News Morning", he won a total of SEK 2.1 million. Never before had a winner managed to scratch two tickets simultaneously on the programme.

The absolutely happiest winners in 2011 were undoubtedly those who ticked in the "Dream Winnings" (seven correct numbers on Lotto and at least two correct on Joker on the same ticket). One winner was from Helsingborg, who won SEK 123,900,556 – the largest winnings of the year, and the fourth highest winnings ever. The second, from Borås, received winnings of SEK 105,315,432 and seventh place among Svenska Spel’s top-ten payout list.

Flourishing partnership with sports

Svenska Spel is frequently associated with sports, which is a key reason for the positive attitude of many to the Company. The Company contributes to broad-based activities as well as to elite-level ventures, and sport offers a major return in the form of exposure of Svenska Spel’s brand, along with goodwill.

Svenska Spel is the main sponsor of the largest associations – football, ice hockey, handball, bandy and floor ball. The cooperation agreement between Svenska Spel and the Sports Confederation from 2009 through 2011 enabled training for leaders and active members to help promote healthy values in sport.

Sports provide a large range of special events for sports betting. In particular, the Elite ice-hockey series and Swedish Premiership football always attract a higher volume of sports-betting enthusiasts. Interest peaks in conjunction with such events as The World Cup, European Football Championship, and the Swedish ice hockey and football final playoffs. During 2011, the Handball World Cup (both men’s and women’s) and the women’s World Cup football tournament were particularly instrumental in attracting the interest of sports-betting players. The qualification matches for the European Championship in football, in particular the game between Sweden and Holland, – which gave the Swedish team a ticket to the finals in 2012 – were also highpoints for sports-betting enthusiasts.

Ingrid Petersén, a medical orderly from Härnösand, was overjoyed when she won SEK 5 million on the Triss lottery. She shared the winnings with two colleagues. The scratch ticket event was broadcast live on TV4’s "News Morning" programme in May 2011.