Strategic orientation and objectives

Svenska Spel has four strategic target areas: Customers, Responsibility, Business-like approach and Employees. Just as in the case of the Vision and Values, these are based on the owner’s mandate.

The plan for orientation, objectives and strategies covers a three-year period. It is revised annually and extended by one year for another three-year period.

Smooth customer interaction

Customer target area If customers are to select Svenska Spel, the company must work continually in developing activities in all dimensions. This is necessary in an effort to channel customers from Svenska Spel’s competitors and also to retain loyal customers. Younger generations are growing up with new gaming habits, with technological progress increasing accessibility. Svenska Spel shall offer enjoyable and exciting games that meet customer demand.

Svenska Spel shall be a credible alternative to illegal gaming activities, and the customer’s first choice in times in which the range of gaming opportunities is greater than ever.

Optimum responsibility

Responsibility target area Svenska Spel cares for its customers and assumes responsibility for ensuring that gaming remains enjoyable. Customers shall perceive Svenska Spel as the most responsible gaming company.

Svenska Spel seeks to be the most responsible alternative on the market. Customers shall have a sound, mindful gaming behaviour based on gaming enjoyment and excitement.

Sound business-like approach

Business-like approach target area Svenska Spel shall have a revenue-optimised and cost-effective operation. Revenue optimisation always entails a trade-off between increasing revenue to its maximum while also applying the responsible gaming programmes required to ensure that customers maintain a healthy gaming behaviour.

Operations shall be marked by high cost-efficency and valued on the basis of a commercial perspective, but not based on a revenue perspective alone.

Motivated employees

Employees target area Svenska Spel shall be an attractive employer, offering excellent leadership, and with motivated employees that perform to their best.

Professional and inspired leaders are required if Svenska Spel is to succeed both in the gaming market and labour market. Svenska Spel has a strong brand as an employer, which can be further enhanced.

Employees must be aware of the applicable priorities. They shall be aware of the mandate, values, strategies and targets, as well as of their personal work role and responsibility. Work satisfaction, creativity and well-being emerge when individuals strive to attain the same objective and are aware of and understand the significance of their input. In this way, the company can attract skilled employees.

Identity requirements

Customer security at retailers was enhanced in 2011 through, for example, the introduction of an identity requirement for winnings of more than SEK 1,000. So now, foresighted and informed customers take their ID card and Spelkort with them when they visit a retailer.