Gaming shall offer enjoyment

Svenska Spel’s mandate

AB Svenska Spel is to arrange gaming and lotteries under licence from the Government.

AB Svenska Spel is to respond to consumer interest in terms of offering a reliable alternative to illegal gaming operations.

A broad service is to be provided both in urban and rural areas.

Social considerations are to be prioritised in the development of gaming forms and in the business as a whole.

The risk of fraud and illegal gaming is also to be observed.

Security in gaming management is to be maximised.

Regulators should be able to maintain efficient and independent control.

AB Svenska Spel must adopt a prudent approach to new games and new markets.

The Company is to maintain a responsible marketing approach that reflects social commitment and prevents it being perceived as overly assertive.

The business is to be run cost-efficiently within the confines of the Company’s mandate.


Gaming shall be enjoyed by all!


We develop and offer gaming in a responsible manner so that the many people who use our products experience gaming enjoyment.