Four questions for Anitra Steen, Chairman

How do you view your first year as Svenska Spel’s Chairman?

"I was very pleased to be asked if I would accept the assignment. I was attracted by the challenge and am able to utilise my experience from, for example, Systembolaget (Swedish alcohol monopoly). One of Svenska Spel’s challenges is to satisfy customer requirements in the form of stimulating games, while also offering responsible gaming tools for the customers in order to minimise risks. We’re also subject to gaming regulations that fail to progress in pace with reality. To date, my expectations regarding the assignment have been realised."

How is Svenska Spel’s market role impacted by the gaming regulations?

"Svenska Spel fulfils a key market role, especially when it involves accepting responsibility for social considerations. Updated gaming regulations would facilitate our efforts, since development has rapidly outpaced the current regulatory system. In this context, the Swedish Supreme Court’s decision during the autumn was welcomed. It decided that gaming via slot machines located in Sweden must be viewed as being arranged here, irrespective of where the servers are located. This permits the Swedish Gaming Board to act more aggressively in removing illegal gaming machines, which is a positive development."

How should Svenska Spel balance responsibility with profit?

"I see no contradiction between responsibility and profit. Ultimately, it involves our product range and the manner in which we help customers to keep an eye on the situation and their gaming. We view responsibility as part of our customer offering. Personally, I feel they go hand in hand."

What do you wish to see in terms of the regulatory system on the Swedish gaming market?

"Discussions among politicians regarding the need for re-regulation creates uncertainty for the future. Denmark has opted for a form involving a large number of licensed gaming companies. I believe that the Danes face a tough time, with aggressive marketing and growing gaming problems. On the other hand, the Norwegians and Finns have decided to tighten regulations, while in Sweden we could easily move in the same direction. This would increase the potential to develop consumer-friendly offerings, with due consideration of the individual."