Playscan AB strengthens Svenska Spel's responsible gaming

The new subsidiary, Playscan AB, is extending Svenska Spel’s responsible gaming tool to regulated gaming companies in Sweden and abroad.

Playscan AB was acquired during the first quarter of 2010 as part of Svenska Spel’s long-term responsible gaming programme. The company is a subsidiary of the Svenska Spel Group whose activities are geared toward both internal and external customers.

Playscan’s activities consist of development and sale of software for targeted measures to combat gambling addiction problems in the global gaming industry.

The acquisition of Playscan combines expertise and technology for the Playscan™ responsible gaming tool and offers Svenska Spel superior potential to develop Playscan™ functionality and applications in the new CSR areas in the gaming market. It also offers better conditions for continuing progress in the field of responsible gaming. Close cooperation with Spelinstitutet – which develops communications with players – will be intensified.

Playscan AB markets and develops software for responsible gaming for the regulated industry, both nationally and internationally. The French company, La Francaise des Jeux, Miljonlotteriet in Sweden, Ray in Finland and the Canada-based Atlantic Lottery are customers of Playscan. The company’s CEO, Ann-Sofie Olsson, was previously the CSR Manager at Svenska Spel.

Playscan™ is a service available at that actively prevents problem gambling by identifying players who risk developing gambling addiction in the future. A player who activates Playscan™ receives a message in the event of any changes in gaming behaviour.

Svenska Spel’s work with responsible gaming – and especially the Playscan™ tool – has attracted major international interest. The responsible gaming programme is described in greater detail in the CSR Report.

"The Playscan™ responsible gaming tool creates the potential to contribute to the development of long-term sustainability across the international gaming market. We’re simply combining a commercial approach with social responsibility."

Ann-Sofie Olsson, CEO Playscan