Annual Report 2020

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Svenska Spel’s Annual Report

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+ 0 % increase in gross
gaming revenue online
SEK 0 M Gross gaming revenue
SEK 0 M invested in sponsorship
of Swedish sports
Approx. 0 care calls conducted
by our care communicators
SEK 0 M distributed to sports associations
all over Sweden through Gräsroten
SEK 0 in winnings to customers
all over Sweden

We are the gaming company for all of Sweden
and we are Sweden’s biggest supporter


At Svenska Spel we offer games that enable dreams, joy and excitement. That might mean slowly scraping a Triss lottery ticket, line by line. Or following a thrilling soccer match included in Stryktipset together with your friends. Or visiting one of our international casinos, where entertaining games are complemented by world-class food, drinks and service.

We want games to be a positive part of people’s live, through a wide range of popular and unique products that can be experienced in a healthy and safe way. Our relationship with the sports movement dates back almost a hundred years, and today we are involved in everything from the small local sports club to the Swedish Olympic team.

We want gaming to be enjoyed by all – our customers, the sports movement, and society at large.

562 miljoner
CEO’s commentary

”We are a robust and flexible company that can manage rapid changes”

Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO for Svenska Spel, reflects on the past year and describes Svenska Spel’s focus for the future.

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Sport, Tur, Casino

Svenska Spel’s operations are divided into three business areas: Sport & Casino, Tur and Casino Cosmopol & Vegas. Sport & Casino is operated by the subsidiary Svenska Spel Sport & Casino AB. The parent company covers gaming operations including number games, lottery tickets and Vegas video lottery terminals. Customers who play at our land-based casinos will encounter Svenska Spel in the form of Casino Cosmopol AB.

At Svenska Spel, you will find well-known brands such as Lotto, Triss, Stryktipset and Oddset. We have three international casinos offering classic casino games such as Roulette, Black Jack and poker. You will also find our Vegas video lottery terminals in restaurants and bingo halls all over the country.

Sport & Casino


Casino Cosmopol & Vegas


Sustainability is part of Svenska Spel’s DNA. We firmly believe that by being a responsible and positive force in society, we can also create good and safe gaming experiences for our customers.

We demand a lot of ourselves in terms of business ethics, inclusion, equal conditions, environmental impact and safe gaming for our customers.

Svenska Spel contributes to Agenda 2030 and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Based on our vision and business concept, our overall ambition is to create long-term value for our customers, owner and employees, as well as for sports organisations and society as a whole.

Spelkoll – For sustainable gaming

It should be fun and exciting to play Svenska Spel’s games. But to ensure enjoyment for everyone, it must be easy to keep track of one’s gaming. That’s why Svenska Spel puts a great deal of effort into developing systems and tools that help our customers.

Our Spelkoll tools help our customers keep better track of their gaming – so they can play in a sustainable way. Another part of Svenska Spel’s new Spelkoll technology are tools that keep track of changing behaviours that may become too risky. If there is any indication of risky gaming behaviour, various measures will be implemented, such as our award-winning care calls.

Read more about Spelkoll

The gaming market is starting to stabilise

In recent years, the market has been constantly changing. Now we see that the market is starting to mature.

The gaming industry’s total marketing decreased in volume during the year, a trend that continued from 2019. A decrease in advertising and a muted tone may explain why the gaming industry’s image improved slightly in 2020.

The Swedish Gambling Authority’s supervision of market players is beginning to bear fruit, and fewer sanctions were imposed during the year compared to 2019. Nevertheless, continued action is needed from the industry to improve our work to promote responsible gaming. Tighter supervision has increased not only in Sweden but also in many other European markets, with tougher requirements for licensees.

Consolidation has long been expected in connection with the re-regulation of the market. During 2020 we saw several consolidations in the gaming market, both in Sweden and internationally.

Gross gaming revenue, %

Gross gaming revenue by sales channel, SEK M


Together, our employees demonstrate that Svenska Spel is a unique workplace. Our workplace is characterised by breadth, diversity and competent employees. Health, responsibility and professional development are always the basis for both internal and external initiatives at Svenska Spel.

Go Sweden!

We want gaming to be enjoyed by all – our customers, the sports movement, and society at large.

We are the gaming company for all of Sweden and we are Sweden’s biggest supporter. Go Sweden!

The web version of the annual report contains only selected extracts from the original. The complete annual report, including financial information and the sustainability report, is available for download below.

Complete Annual Report in Swedish as a PDF