Annual Report 2019

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Svenska Spel’s Annual Report

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0 sports associations all over Sweden shared SEK 50 million through Gräsroten
SEK 0 M Gross gaming revenue
SEK 0 B in winnings to customers
all over Sweden
0 employees in
the Svenska Spel Group
SEK 0 M in research grants through
Svenska Spel’s Research Council
0 approximate number of customers
that played together during 2019

We want gaming to be enjoyed by all


Everyone has dreams. For some, the dream is about that big win that can change your life overnight. For others, it is about being able to do more of what you love, like spending more time with family and friends. The dream is a natural reason for many people to gamble. The gaming experience can help people to relax – or provide an exciting moment together with friends on the edge of your seat.


For the gaming experience to be enjoyed fully, the game has to be fundamentally safe and reliable. We want games to be a positive part of people’s lives, so we work hard to offer the safest and most secure gaming experience. Our goal is for nobody to be able to gamble for more than they can afford.

562 miljoner
CEO’s commentary

”The confidence in Svenska Spel is high and our customers are very happy.”

Patrik Hofbauer, President and CEO for Svenska Spel, reflects on the past year and describes Svenska Spel’s focus for the future.

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Sport, Tur, Casino

Svenska Spel’s operations are divided into three business areas: Sport & Casino, Tur, and Casino Cosmopol & Vegas. The Sport & Casino business area is operated by the subsidiary Svenska Spel Sport & Casino AB. The parent company covers gaming operations including number games, lottery tickets and Vegas video lottery terminals. Customers who play at our land-based casinos will encounter Svenska Spel in the form of Casino Cosmopol AB.

At Svenska Spel, you will find well-known brands such as Lotto, Triss, Stryktipset and Oddset. We have four international casinos, offering classic casino games such as Roulette, Black Jack and poker. You will also find our Vegas video lottery terminals in restaurants and bingo halls all over the country.

Sport & Casino


Casino Cosmopol & Vegas


Sustainability is a priority area for Svenska Spel. As a gaming company, for us this is primarily a question of responsible gaming, but also includes areas such as business ethics and anti-corruption, diversity and gender equality, working conditions, human rights and the environment. We contribute to Agenda 2030 and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Based on our vision and business concept, our overall ambition is to create long-term value for our customers, owners and employees, as well as for sports organisations and society as a whole.

Good health and well-being
Gender equality
Decent work and economic growth
Reduced inequalities
Responsible consumption and production
Climate action
Peace, justice and strong institutions
Partnership for the goals
Sustainable developement goals

Recognitions and memberships

We want to create enjoyment in everyday life for all our customers by offering exciting and entertaining gaming experiences in a safe and responsible manner. Our responsible gaming work has broadened over the years and gained a great deal of recognition. Svenska Spel is an active member of several different networks.

Svenska Spel is the only gaming company to appear on the Sustainable Brand Index top 100 list in 2019.

Svenska Spel won a prize for its sustainability work at the Swedish Gambling Award. The award was for the proactive dialogues that have been held since 2017 with customers who the Playscan responsible gambling tool identifies as showing signs of increased risk behaviour.

Casino Cosmopol is certified for its responsible gambling work under the Responsible Gambling Framework of the European Casino Association (ECA).

The Svenska Spel Group is certified in accordance with the World Lottery Association’s responsible gaming principles. This certification is valid until 2022.

The Svenska Spel Group is certified in accordance with the European Lotteries’ responsible gaming standards.

The industry organisation that represents the gaming market in Sweden. Sper’s mission is to promote a stable, modern, and sustainable gaming market.

Svenska Spel is a member of CSR Sweden, a Swedish network that focuses on the corporate social responsibility and social engagement of companies.

Svenska Spel contributes to Agenda 2030 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The new gaming market

On 1 January 2019, the Swedish gaming market was re-regulated, with new gaming legislation, a licensing system and a reinforced regulatory authority that monitors all licensed operators. The legislation aims to create a gaming market that is more sustainable and secure by, among other things, excluding unlicensed operators from the market.
As of 1 January 2019, the Swedish gaming market consists of three markets – one market for betting and commercial online gaming which is open to free competition; one market for number games and lottery tickets that is reserved for state-owned Svenska Spel and non-profit associations or registered faith communities that primarily aim to promote purposes that benefit the public; and one market for land-based casinos and video lottery terminals [Vegas] that is covered by State exclusivity. Svenska Spel is active on all these markets.

Gross gaming revenue, %

Gross gaming revenue by sales channel, SEK M


Working for Svenska Spel is not, and should not be, like working at other workplaces, particularly not in the gaming industry. We are proud to offer a workplace that always keeps our responsibility, our health and our professional development in focus. The re-regulation of the Swedish gaming market has increased competition both for customers and employees. We have had to work even harder and with greater focus in order to attract and develop our talents.

2,100 employees in the Svenska Spel Group


Go Sweden!

We want gaming to be enjoyed by all – our customers, sports, and society at large.

We are the gaming company for all of Sweden and we are Sweden’s biggest supporter. Go Sweden!

The web version of the annual report contains only selected extracts from the original. The complete annual report, including financial information and the sustainability report, is available for download below.

Complete Annual Report in Swedish as a PDF