Principles for Developing Benchmark Criteria for Staff Training in Responsible Gambling

The primary goal of the present study was to assess suit- able benchmark criteria for the training of gambling employees at casinos and lottery retailers. The study utilised the Delphi Method, a survey with one qualitative and two quantitative phases.

Responding to Problem Gamblers in the Venue: Role Conflict, Role Ambiguity, and Challenges for Hospitality Staff

In this article the authors explore the challenges experienced by gaming venue employees in Queensland Australia in responding to patrons with gambling problems. Forty-eight in-depth interviews were analyzed using thematic analysis.

Assisting Problem Gamblers in the Gaming Venue: A Counsellor Perspective

In this paper, we report on findings from interviews with 23 counsellors working in Queensland Gambling Help agencies in Australia based on their own and their clients’ experiences of the processes and practices involved in help seeking in gaming venues.

Prevention of Pathological Gambling in State-Owned Lottery Companies: Evaluation of Trainings for Lottery Retailers

According to the German legal framework for gambling, the state-run and federally organized lottery companies are required to train the staff of lottery retailers. These trainings shall enable lottery retailers to identify clients at an early stage, who are at risk of developing a pathological gambling behavior or who are already pathological gamblers and to intervene adequately in these cases.