Effectiveness of At-Risk Gamblers’ Temporary Self-Exclusion from Internet Gambling Sites

To prevent risks associated with online gambling, many jurisdictions propose self-exclusion strategies as a part of a responsible gambling policy. To protect online gamblers, French law provides for a 7-day temporary non-reducible and voluntary self-exclusion measure that applies only to select websites.

The family exclusion order as a harm-minimisation measure for casino gambling: the case of Singapore

Singapore is one of the first jurisdictions in the world that has implemented a harm minimization model based on third party exclusion known as the Family Exclusion Order (FEO).

Review of Self-exclusion from Gambling Venues as an Intervention for Problem Gambling

Self-exclusion programs are required to be provided by gambling operators in many international jurisdictions in an attempt to provide an option for those who have gambling problems to avoid further gambling. However, minimal robust and comprehensive research has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of self-exclusion programs.