Reaching out to big losers: A randomized controlled trial of brief motivational contact providing gambling expenditure feedback

The primary objective of this study was to investigate the effects of providing personalized feedback on gambling intensity among high consumers of venue-based and online gambling in Norway.

Personalized Behavioural Feedback for Online Gamblers: A real World Empirical Study

Responsible gambling tools (e.g., limit-setting tools, pop-up messages, and personalized feedback) have become increasingly popular as a way of facilitating players to gamble in a more responsible manner. However, relatively few studies have evaluated whether such tools actually work.

Optimal content for warning messages to enhance consumer decision making and reduce problem gambling

Warning messages for electronic gaming machines (EGMs) have been mandated to increase consumers’ ability to make informed rational decisions and reduce excessive gambling consumption.

Electronic gaming machine warning messages: information versus self-evaluation

Warning signs have been applied extensively in many health domains with the aim to enhance knowledge and shift attitudes and behaviours in an effort to reduce associated harm. More recently, regulatory agencies have applied similar strategies within evolving responsible gambling platforms.