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Note 24 - Affiliates

Group companies

The delivery of services and products among Group companies is subject to commercial terms and conditions and market pricing. In 2014, the ­Parent Company purchased services from other Group companies at a value of SEK 1.6 million (0.0) and sold services to other Group companies at a value of SEK 6.6 million (6.8).

State-owned companies

During the year, the Group purchased services for substantial amounts from the following State-owned companies:

SEK million 2014 2013
TeliaSonera AB 26.5 33.4
Posten AB 33.3 28.8
Vattenfall AB 9.2 6.9

The Swedish State

According to a licence issued by the Government on 22 December 2004 to organise lotteries, under Other provisions, item 8.5, the Company’s profit during the financial year shall be lent interest-free to the Swedish State (National Debt Office). Payments are to be made on a quarterly basis on 30 April, 31 July, 31 October and 15 February.

Funds loaned are deducted from the dividend following a resolution by the Company’s AGM. On 5 October 1998, Svenska Spel was granted exemption from the provisions in Chapter 21, section 15 of the Swedish Companies Act with respect to the prohibition on loans. At year-end, funds on loan to the National Debt Office totalled SEK 1,150 million (1,200).