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Note 20 - Settlement funds and funded winnings

Unclaimed winnings and payment rounding amounts are placed in the settlement fund for games and lotteries. Withdrawals from the settlement fund are used for payment of unclaimed winnings (compensation claims) and repayment to winning participants in various games, for example to increase winnings frequency in lotteries for a specific campaign.

Funded winnings consist of winnings under the total winnings schedule per product and game but, which have yet to be won, for example, the build-up of a jackpot. In the case of games, profits are allocated to the fund after the completion of games; while in the case of lotteries, profit is allocated when the lottery ticket is activated to be sold.

  Group   Parent Company
SEK million 2014 2013   2014 2013
Settlement fund          
Opening provision  198 243   198 243
Change for the year  29 –45   29 –45
Closing provision  227 198   227 198
Funded winnings          
Opening provision 442 441   423 420
Change for the year 169 1   165 3
Closing provision 611 442   588 423